Letter to Mrs Régine Alende Tshombokongo of CEJFI!

Photo by Laurent Lavoie, Métro Média

The SDC of Quartier D found it important to send a letter of congratulations to this great lady on behalf of its members.

Last year, we participated, as a partner, in the CEJFI (Centre d’Encadrement pour Jeunes Femmes Immigrantes) organization’s project “Un mot français vaut mille clients” (“A French word is worth a thousand clients”), in order to promote the integration of people with an immigrant background working in Saint-Laurent.

The Laurentian community is particularly blessed to be able to count on the active presence of Mrs Tshombokongo on its territory!

See the article about it (by Laurent Lavoie, Métro Média): https://journalmetro.com/local/saint-laurent/2615937/regine-alende-tshombokongo/?fbclid=IwAR3rZtUpB1JBYu4FcUhZdwXQ8nvv1uXKf7G-pq-4LFeQRYQR8Kt28RcNR_A

Visit their website: https://www.cejfi.org/