Valentine’s Day baskets of Quartier D products!

The “Quartier D celebrates love!” giveaway is now over!

The Valentine’s Day gift baskets 💝 are finally ready! 😍 See their composition below:


— Emporium du Dollar: heart-shaped chocolate box, packaging;
— Café Le VSL: 4 chocolatines;
— Chocolaterie Chocomax: small box of fine chocolates, chocolate lollipop;
— SAQ: small bottle of Côte des Roses wine;
— Dolci Più: decorated chocolate bar, decorated cookie;
— Le Ritz boulangerie/pâtisserie: 2 black forest cakes, 2 cheesecakes, 2 shortbread cookies, chocolate bar with hazelnuts;
— Fleuriste Idéal: bouquet of red, pink, white flowers;
— Les Jardins Samira-Exocita: heart-shaped balloon.


— Emporium du Dollar: packaging;
— Café Le VSL: 6 magic bars;
— Chocomax: chocolate-hazelnut spread, chocolate lollipop;
— Dépanneur Kit Kat: hazelnut chocolate, sour cherry candies, sour strawberry licorice;
— Dépanneur Nader: 3 chocolate bars, cherry candies, fig/raspberry bar, strawberry gum;
— Dolci Più: decorated cookie;
— Marché Rela: mini Mambo milk chocolate bar; bag of honey/caramel peanuts on sticks;
— Marché Mboppi: large Mambo milk chocolate bar;
— Ô Bánh Mì: 3 boxes of dessert sticks (strawberries, dark chocolate and milk chocolate);
— Les Jardins Samira-Exocita: bouquet of red, pink, white flowers and a heart-shaped balloon.